About Me

Hi, I’m Sadie. I’m one of those girls who pretty much says yes to everything: yes, I’ll help you take your car to the mechanic; yes, let’s do that road trip; and yes, I’ll go on a date with you. The latter has led me to an abundance of dating experiences- some fantastic, and some… interesting. You know what they say, all experience is good experience. Lucky for us, both the good and the bad translate into an entertaining story.

I grew up in Tampa, Florida, where I started my heartbreaking shenanigans at a young age. I was that five-year-old with four different preschool boyfriends, all of which proposed within a month. This continued through elementary and middle school, where I had a new love interest with each passing week. In high school, my family moved to Orem, Utah, where the dating scene is drastically different. I had to learn about group dates, ncmo’s, and what your average Mormon boy is looking for. Nowadays my dating life is a bit more stable, yet still exciting and ever-changing. I’ve picked up a thing or two about dating over the years, and I am excited to share 🙂