7 Games for a Group Date at the Park

Planning a group date? Look no further!

With almost any get-together, you need three things: something to do, a place to do it, and people to do it with. You already have the people and the place, but what to do? When picking an activity for a group date, you’ll want something fun and inexpensive that can be played for as little or as long as needed and helps everyone get to know each other. With warm weather and all the open space the park offers, there are plenty of great ways to check all the boxes of a successful group date.

Read on to learn the best games for your group date at the park.


You may have seen/played Knockerball at a school event, birthday party, or work retreat. If you’ve never heard of it, you are in for a fun surprise. Also known as “Bubble Soccer,” Knockerball involves running around in big inflatable protection suits. Players can run into each other at full speed and not get hurt because the bubbles protect and bounce you around joyfully. You can use them to up the fun of any sport, forego the sport part altogether, and spend hours just knocking each other over. They can be purchased for top dollar or, more reasonably, rented out.

Giant Jenga

It’s like Jenga, but BIG! You can make things more interesting by tapping questions on the blocks. When someone pulls out a block successfully, they have to answer the question. Giant Jenga blocks can be bought, rented, or even built if you’re handy and have lots of wood.

One time, I went on a great first date where we met at the park, ate some food, tried giant Jenga (which he had rented out for the day), and played card games. Super fun and inexpensive!

9 Square in the Air

If you’ve ever played 4 square, you get the general idea. 9 Square in the Air uses a big PVC-pipe structure with nine boxes. Players stand in a box and pass an inflatable ball over the poles into other peoples’ boxes. You’re out if the ball falls into your square and you fail to pass it into someone else’s with one hit. When you get out, you have to go back to the first square – the loser square. Everyone behind you fills in your spot. Next round, if someone ahead of you gets out, they go to the loser square, and you get to move up. The goal is to stay in the game long enough to inherit the coveted middle square and be the “king” of 9 Square. Setups can be purchased for top dollar or, more reasonably, rented out.


Spikeball involves a bouncy net and a little ball. Players, individually or in teams of two, spike the ball into the net back and forth. The team that doesn’t get to the ball in time, or misses the net, loses that round.

This is one of the cheapest and most portable options to buy. And you can use it all the time! Barbecue at your house? Spikeball. Camping with friends? Spikeball. Outdoor wedding reception? Spikeball.


Cornhole is a staple at any celebration. It can be played individually or in teams of two. Two wooden blocks with a small holes in them sit on either side of a field. Players take turns throwing bean bags onto the cornhole board. A bean bag that lands on the board earn that team one point, and a bean bag that lands inside the hole earn that team three points. The game is played until either team makes it to twenty-one points.


Badminton is a well-known yet underappreciated sport. A net, some rackets, and a birdie – either rented or bought – can create hours of fun!

Beach Ball

A simple beach ball can be fun to toss around in a group. To make things even better, you can write questions on it with a Sharpie. When someone catches the ball, they answer the question closest to their right thumb. This is a great way to get to know the people in your group!

Some Last Tips

Now that you have your place, people, and, hopefully, activity, there are a few more things to know before you go. Make sure to pack plenty of water, tell everyone’s dates to wear running shoes, and, at the park, secure a spot that’s close to the bathroom. And, lastly, have fun!

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