Pros and Cons of Having a Boyfriend in College

So, there’s this guy in your college class. He’s tall, wise, makes you laugh, and wants to date you. You like him, but… do you want a boyfriend right now? Well, let’s take a look at it from both sides.

As a college student, there’s a lot on your plate. Will a boyfriend help lighten your load or make things worse? Will you still be able to go to all the fun parties? Having someone help carry your books from class to class might be nice. And he’s just such a good guy. Not to mention all the oversized comfy hoodies. But you find a few other guys in your life attractive. Are you ready to eradicate all your baby crushes?

There’s a lot to think about here. Read on for the entire pros/con list of having a boyfriend in college!

Pro: More Investment from Both Sides

You know what they say; you put in what you get out. With all your romantic efforts directed at each other, the relationship can grow to a level that can’t be achieved without that commitment. If you’re having a hard day, you know someone cares and will be there for you. He’ll share and increase your happiness if you’re having a great day. He’ll learn how you take your pizza, that movie that always makes you cry, your hype song, and the irrational fear you’ve had since childhood. There is something deeply satisfying about sharing the intimate parts of yourself with another person.

Con: Hard Work

Relationships can involve a lot of hard work. They also make sacrifices. If they are having a hard day, you have to pick up the slack and be there for them- even if you have other things going on. Worse, hitting a rough patch with your boy can become very draining. Is that something you can handle with your already-draining life? Even in the good times, it takes a lot of effort to keep another person feeling happy and secure in a relationship.

Pro: You Know He Only Has Eyes For You

You don’t have to feel that pit in your stomach anymore when he tells you he’s going out. You don’t have to wonder if he’s entertaining other girls. You don’t have to compete with anyone else for his attention. As your boyfriend, he is all yours, and that feels great.

Con: You Can Only Have Eyes For Him

You’re hot, and there are always new guys in your DM’s. It’s fun to get hit on everywhere you go. A night on the town with your girls is much better with the possibility of leaving with that cute waiter. The excitement of meeting a new guy ends when you decide to settle down.

Pro: Ultimate Study Buddy

Why crack open the textbooks alone when you can do it at his house and get a nice kissing break every few minutes as a reward? Maybe he’s better at World History than you so he can help you with your assignment. And he’s glad to do it because, come on, look how cute you are.

Con: Distraction From School

Relationships can consume a lot of time and energy that might be better focused on your studies. It might feel great to skip morning class to sleep in after a night with your boy… for the third time this week. But it’s not going to feel fantastic seeing a big fat F on your final grade report.

Pro: Could be Your Soulmate

Lots of people meet their spouses in college, so why not you? Young love is the best kind of love, as some say. Everyone’s looking for that person to spend the rest of their life with. If you think he’s it, then none of these cons matter.

Con: Could Break Your Heart

As with any college relationship, it is always possible that it doesn’t work out. Then, all of the time, energy, and heartache were wasted. With so much going on in your life, can you afford an emotional battering ram like this? Can you find someone to cover your night shift while you sob uncontrollably? Will you be able to drag yourself to your final when your heart hurts so much?

Pro: You Always Have Someone to Hang Out With

Your boyfriend is like your assigned buddy. Anything fun you want to do, you already know who will join you- and you already know that he’ll make it even better. Loneliness is a thing of the past.

Con: Friendships Might Suffer

It’s easy to become so focused on your boyfriend that everyone else in your life becomes a second priority- and it shows. If you’re not careful, you could lose friendships. Then, if things don’t work out with the boy, you’ll end up lonelier than you started.

Pro: You Don’t Have to Worry About Boys Anymore

Now you can be your true self and go everywhere wearing an oversized sweatshirt because nobody cares what you look like anymore—no more struggling to flirt at a party, blind dates, or avoiding that guy in your physics class who has a crush on you. You’re taken, and now you can bask in the glory of no problems with single people.

Con: Missing Out

Let’s say your friends plan a big, exciting group date. Perfect, the boyfriend loves that specified activity. You tell him about it, and, oh no, he’s going to be out of town that night- visiting family. Well, you can’t take a different date. It looks like you’ll have to miss out. Worse, everyone else comes back from their fantastic night, excitedly telling you all about it. There are inside jokes shared that you know nothing about- it was more of a “had to be there” thing.

And the Decision is…

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of whether or not you want a college boyfriend. Now that you’ve examined both sides, you can understand better what you’re potentially getting yourself into. Everyone’s journey is different, and it’s entirely up to you! In my experience, school is always the priority. If you are confident that he will add to your happiness and not get in the way of your studies, then that is enough to try the relationship at least out. No matter what you choose, have fun! You’re only this young and cute once 🙂

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