The First Things to Do When Planning a Wedding in 4 Simple Steps

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. To help you navigate this journey, we interviewed Sasha Rowberry, CEO of Sasha By Design.

With her vast experience in the wedding industry, Sasha offers invaluable advice on how to avoid common pitfalls and ensure your wedding planning goes smoothly.

Sasha Rowberry
Sasha Rowberry, CEO of Sasha By Design, has seen enough weddings to know that the best ones start with these first steps.

You Get Engaged! What Next?

Here’s what Sasha suggests:

1. Sit Down and Make a Budget

Sasha’s first piece of advice is to have an honest conversation about the budget with everyone financially involved. This includes:

  • Determining the total amount available.
  • Deciding how much to allocate to major expenses like the venue, photographer, and dress.
  • Highlighting the most important aspects to you, whether that’s a high-quality photographer, a spacious venue, or elaborate décor.

“We know the budget might change, but having a ballpark figure helps set expectations,” Sasha emphasizes.

2. Plan Out a General Timeline

Sasha suggests creating a timeline as soon as possible. This should include:

  • Booking the venue, which often needs to be done several months in advance.
  • Scheduling other big-ticket items and vendors accordingly.

“A timeline helps you prioritize and ensures you’re not scrambling at the last minute,” says Sasha.

3. Start Talking to Photographers or Videographers

According to Sasha, it’s crucial to book your photographer or videographer early. “Busy seasons get booked quickly, so securing your date ahead of time can save you a lot of stress.” Sasha also recommends considering weekday weddings (Monday-Thursday) to increase your chances of availability.

“No matter when you book, make sure your photographer/videographer captures your day authentically and beautifully,” she advises.

4. Make a Vision Board

A vision board can be a powerful tool. Sasha suggests using it to:

  • Solidify your color scheme and themes.
  • Communicate your vision to everyone involved, from the bridal party to the florist.

“Having a clear visual guide helps everyone stay on the same page and brings your dream wedding to life,” Sasha explains.


Wedding planning can feel overwhelming, but these steps can help you start strong. If you need more guidance, Sasha By Design is here for you. “We understand the ins and outs of wedding planning,” Sasha says. “We’re not just there to capture your moments; we also help you plan them.”

Taking these initial steps can set the tone for a successful and enjoyable wedding planning experience. By creating a budget, timeline, and vision board, and by securing key vendors early, you’ll be well on your way to your dream wedding. And remember, having a professional like Sasha By Design by your side can make all the difference in creating a day that’s both beautiful and memorable. Happy planning!

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