3 No-Prep Games to Play on Your Date

Sometimes it can be challenging to move past small talk on a date. These games are designed to get easy, meaningful conversations to make your night memorable.

The three games are Rock Paper Scissors Meals, Thumb War Questions, and TPF. All three games require no preparation, are suitable for relaxing, and are most enjoyable in a one-on-one setting.

Rock Paper Scissors Meals

This game is especially perfect for couples who can never agree on a place to eat! You hop in the car and play rock, paper, scissors (I usually prefer best two-out-of-three). The winner chooses where you go for drinks. Once drinks are acquired, you play again to determine where you go for dinner. Finally, dessert! This game can be altered depending on how hungry you each are. For example, if you have already eaten individually, you can play to decide which candy, soda, and ice cream you get for movie night!

I played this game once on a date, and we had a great time! For drinks, he won and chose Swig. I won dinner and dessert, for which I decided on In N Out and Crumbl. We documented our night with pictures (some more blurry than others), which I posted to my Instagram story. It was so fun for my friends to react to my story with their opinions on our food choices!

Thumb War Questions

If you want to ask your crush a specific question but don’t know how to initiate it, this is the ideal game for you! It is self-explanatory: you thumb wrestle, and whoever wins gets to ask the other a question. The loser of the thumb wrestle must answer, be honest, and can’t repeat the same question (i.e., if you ask him how many other girls he is seeing, he can’t ask you that same question for the rest of the night- even if he wins the next thumb wrestle). When I have played this game, the questions usually start pretty bland, such as, “What did you like about your high school?” but as the night continues, the questions get increasingly risky, like, “Why did you ask me out today?”

If you are lost for questions to ask, the New York Times recommends these: http://36questionsinlove.com/


This game is a spin-off of two truths and a lie. Here, each person comes up with something about themselves that is true (T), something that is partially true (P), and something that is false (F). For example, I could say: “I typically go for guys with brown hair,” “I run a cooking blog,” and “I play two instruments.” Brown hair is true, a cooking blog is partially true (I run a blog, but it is a dating blog), and two instruments are false- I play no instruments. This one takes some thinking but is a great way to get to know your partner! It can also be played over text.

Make Sure Your Date Feels Comfortable

While these games are fun to get to know someone, you should read the situation. Don’t ask questions that will make them feel awkward, and don’t overshare things about yourself that they are not ready to hear. A friend of mine once said, “On a date, it is not as important what you do or say, but how she feels.” More than anything, you want your date to leave feeling good.

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