How to have Multiple Dates in One Day

With so many attractive people to get to know and so few days off work or school, sometimes it just makes sense to go on multiple dates in one day. Trust me; I get it.

Scheduling multiple dates in one day forces you to walk a fine line between the best day ever and an absolute disaster. When planning this out, there are four things you need to think about: timing, communication, food, and activities.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about successfully going on multiple dates in one day.

Don’t Tell Your Dates

This kind of goes without saying. You shouldn’t, under any circumstances, reveal to any of your dates that they are not your only date that day. And don’t tell any mutual friends about it, either. I’d even go as far as to say that lying is acceptable in this situation. If your date wonders what you’re doing for the rest of the day, “plans with family” is always an excellent substitution for “another date with someone else”.

Allow Sufficient Buffer Time

The first time that I scheduled multiple dates in one day was in high school. I made the mistake of not giving myself enough time between dates, with near-disastrous results. My first date of the day was a simple walk around the park with ice cream cones – cute, simple, and forces plenty of conversation. I told him I needed to be home around 3:00 for a “family thing” (hehe). He took this to mean that we had to leave the park, which was a thirty-minute drive from my house, at 3:00. He finally dropped me off at 3:40, at which point I rushed inside to get ready for my next date at 4:00. At 3:55, there was a knock at the door. Date #1 was back- returning the water bottle that I left in his car. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to hand me my stuff and leave- he wanted to stand in the doorway and chat endlessly about nothing significant. The clock was ticking, and I wasn’t even completely ready for my next date. I finally coaxed him to leave and checked the time- 4:03. The second he drove away, Date #2 arrived. Phew.

Since then, I’ve scheduled at least an hour and a half of time between dates, which is my recommendation for you, too.

Utilize Bathroom Breaks

You’ll find that you need to text your dates throughout the day- to finalize details, make reservations, or come up with a backup plan when something falls through. But, if you’re getting these text messages while you’re already on a date, it complicates things. You must text back your 5:00 date who needs to know your bowling shoe size in advance. On the other hand, it would be rude towards your current date to be on your phone. Even worse, if your date looks over and sees you texting another guy/girl, things will get awkward very quickly.

Instead, save the text messages for the next time you use the bathroom. Everyone’s happy- your later dates know what they need to know, your current date isn’t being neglected, and you gain the satisfaction of knowing that you can pull this off.

That said, don’t excessively use the bathroom, or your date will know something weird is going on. Your later dates can wait an hour for a text back.

Meal Prep

With such a busy day, ensure you’re getting fed – but not too much. If you’re playing disc golf at 11 a.m. and going bowling at 2 p.m., when are you going to eat? On the other hand, if you have a breakfast date at 10 a.m., you probably won’t be hungry for your lunch outing at 12 p.m.

Also, if you’re going to involve food on multiple dates, try to get some variety. I bet you don’t want to eat three bowls of frozen yogurt in one day. Plus, the Yogurtland employees will notice you – and the three different dates you bring.

Activity Prep

You should also get some variety in your activities. Again, if you go to the same mini golf course three times in one day, you’ll get sick of it- and the employees will notice. Imagine the horror when the cashier says, “Oh, you’re back! Is it your third round of the day?”

Also, repeatedly doing the same activity can cause your own accidental slips of the tongue (unfortunately, not in a kissing kind of way). During your second trip to the aquarium, you might say, “When I was here earlier, that penguin looked a lot bigger!” Or, on your first trip, “Maybe the shark will come out of its cave by the time I come again later.”

Save the Best for Last

In my experience, you should always save your evening for the date you are most excited about. There is just something about night that makes everything more romantic. And you won’t have to leave at a particular time – you can stay as long as you want 😉

Good Luck!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready for your dates! Go get ’em, tiger.

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