A Full Guide to Mutual the Dating App

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a BYU student, and an eligible bachelorette, no one can doubt that I’ve experienced Mutual. And so can you!

Mutual is a dating app marketed explicitly to LDS singles. Like other dating apps, users swipe through pictures of available options in their area in hopes of meeting potential love interests. Mutual is completely free, unless you choose to pay for some premium features. In this article, we will dive into how Mutual works and how to use this unique dating app.

Where Does the Term “Mutual” Come From?

The term “Mutual” is a well-known phrase amongst Latter-Day Saints. It is common for LDS youth groups in certain areas to meet weekly, and such meetings were once referred to as “Mutual Activities”. Although the terminology has since changed, the current generation of LDS single adults is often familiar with the word “Mutual”.

The term “Mutual” even takes on a double meaning. In addition to being associated with nostalgic youth activities, it is more commonly recognized in such phrasing as: “the feeling is mutual”. When two people on the Mutual App like each other or “match”, a message pops up saying, “It’s Mutual!” – meaning you two mutually find each other attractive.

How to Use

Like Tinder, users of Mutual swipe to indicate whether or not they like someone (swipe up for yes, down for no). Participants can upload up to five photos of themselves, write a short biography, and input their characteristics, such as height, school, job, and hometown. There is even a section to include some of your top interests in a tag- such as “Bookworm,” “Karaoke Star,” and “Runner.” As you swipe, the app will show how many tags/interests you and the current profile you’re on have in common. You also can verify your profile, a safety feature that ensures users are who they say they are.

This is the “Profile” screen on the Mutual Dating App


With Mutual, you can set filters of age and “search range” (similar to distance). Only those who fit your preferences will be shown to you.

Basic, free filters that everyone on Mutual can use.


Mutual also has a feature called “Notes,” which allows you to send a message to a potential match before they come across your profile. Notes will appear in the front of that person’s “New Matches” section, where they can decide whether or not to match with you. Using Notes can give you an advantage because it shows them that you are ultra-interested. Free Mutual users get to send one Note per day.

An example of a note (cringy – please don’t say this to anyone lol)


Once you match with someone, the app will place their profile in your “New Matches” section. From there, you have seven days to message them before they get deleted from your matches. Messaging is free!


If you swipe a certain way and instantly regret it (or, if you did it on accident in the first place), you can click the reverse button at the top right corner to undo it. Free users have to watch a short advertisement to go back.


A new Mutual feature is called MutualDates. The MutualDates page offers discounts for couples who spend their date at a popular nearby business, such as rock climbing, arcade games, or ice cream.


Every once in a while, free users will come across an ad as they swipe. You can swipe up on the ad to learn more or swipe down to get back to the cuties.

Premium Features

The paid version of Mutual, offers:

  • No Ads.
  • LOTS more filters (order profiles that come across your screen a certain way, height, distance, education, language, marital history, children, future children, relationship goals, church attendance, temple recommend, served a mission, pets, fitness, and politics)
  • See Who Likes Me: shows you everyone who has already swiped up on you.
  • Ward Hop: Allows you to set your location to a new area and swipe before you get there.
  • Profile Boost: Puts your profile at the top of others’ queues for faster matches.
  • Ninja Mode: This lets you hide your profile from everyone except those you swipe up on.
These are some of the premium filters that you can use if you buy a subscription to Mutual


  • One week: $7.99
  • One month: $14.99
  • Three months: $38.99
  • Six months: $59.99

The Bigger Picture

Sometimes, Young Single Adult wards just don’t cut it. Mutual provides another way for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to meet, date, and marry within their faith. This app is especially essential for those living in an area with a small population of members, aging out of singles wards, or increasingly discouraged by dating. As an article by CNN explains, “Mutual has collapsed the singles wards onto a digital platform, providing an alternative to the church-sponsored matchmaking venue.”(1)

All implications aside, is Mutual a good dating app? I’d say yes! It’s free, easy to use, and has plenty of profiles to choose from. I am a massive fan of Mutual, which has led me to meet and date some fantastic people. Without Mutual, I never would have gone ice blocking at Rock Canyon, watched The Emperor’s New Groove twenty times (well, I might have done that anyways), been invited to Lake Powell by total strangers, or laughed till I cried about Provo’s Most Eligible. Even better, people every day find their eternal companion via swiping. Go ahead and try it out. Low risk, high reward.

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