Romantic Dates for the Holidays

Holidays are just around the corner. So, you may be wondering about the most romantic dates for this season.

There’s no question that there is a high level of love and romance during this season. The snowy weather and even the anticipation of the Christmas spirit make you wonder how you can make a date even more special.

dating during the holidays
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

#1: A Cozy Coffee Shop Date:

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. So, if you’re looking for a good and romantic holiday date, you can head into your local coffee shop. You may even take an evening or an afternoon and take the time to savor your lattes side by side.

#2: Go Ice Skating:

No matter if you already did some ice skating before or not, this is the perfect time to get on your skates with your loved one. Just glide hand in hand across the pond or the rink. Afterward, you can warm up with a mug of hot cocoa.

#3: Go Sledding:

If you think sledding is just for kids, it’s not. It’s for everyone! Your partner and you can have a blast at your local sledding hill. In case you prefer, you may try to go there on a weekday morning or early afternoon when the hills are empty.

#4: Go to an Ugly Sweater Party:

Ugly sweater parties continue to be incredibly popular during the holidays. This is a great date idea for young couples who are looking to have fun with their friends. All you have to do is to check your attic for all those knitted sweaters.

#5: Holidays Movie Night:

Yes, a movie night continues to be one of the most romantic dates for young couples. But instead of a regular movie night, you can think of Christmas movies. From the ones you used to watch when we were kids to the most romantic Christmas movies. Just grab a cup of hot chocolate and some popcorn, and enjoy a good movie night.

#6: See The Nutcracker Ballet:

The Nutcracker ballet is 100% Christmas. If you never attended a ballet before, this is your chance. And seeing it with your loved one will make it even more special.

#7: Make Fireside S’mores:

Unlike what you may be thinking, s’mores aren’t just for summertime camping. No matter if you want to do it indoors or outdoors, this is a date that you will never forget. You can either use an outdoor fire pit or simply use your home fireplace.

#8: Attend a Christmas Concert:

No matter where you live, we are certain that you can find a great Christmas concert nearby. After all, there are always choir concerts, orchestral performances, and other holiday-specific entertainment. But the main point is that you’ll be attending it with your other half.

#9: Take a Midnight Walk:

There is nothing like taking a midnight walk in what comes to romance. All streets are quite magical during this time of year. With all the lights, this walk can truly be special.

#10: Attend a Christmas Market:

If you live in Europe, attending a Christmas Market can be pretty easy. There are many throughout the entire continent. However, if you live in the United States, it may be a bit harder to find one. But if you manage to do so, you’re guaranteed a good time. Between the twinkly lights to the crafts and hot wine, you have everything you need for a romantic Christmas night out with the one you love.

#11: Escape to a Romantic Christmas Destination:

Although this is a bit more than just a date, a romantic Christmas getaway is a perfect idea to spend time with your loved one.

#12: Build a Snowman:

Sometimes, the simplest idea turns out to be the best or the most memorable one. This is the case of building a snowman. Even if you don’t have snow near you, there are always things you can do. For example, in Hawaii, locals a snowman out of the sand right on the beach.

Any of these would be great dates for the holidays this year. Don’t let the cold keep you inside! The winter months are some of the most romantic with a little bit of effort.

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